Navigating threads

Find the discussions you need, when you need them.

Context panel

The context panel has special status within a thread. It’s always at the top, and it’s always visible on the page. Like a comment, you can format your text and attach files or images. Unlike a comment, anyone in the group can update the context (and the title of the thread). This means anyone can jump into the role of helping keep things easy to understand and easy to find.

When you start the thread you should use the context to introduce the topic and kick off the discussion. As the thread grows, update the context with key understandings and information so new people can catch up and participate easily. Think of it as a summary or shared notes area.

Activity is comprised of all the comments, replies, proposals, polls, votes and other notable things that happen within the thread.

By default activity is nested, so a reply comment (or a vote on a proposal) will be displayed just under the comment to which it belongs.

You can also view the thread chronologically, where all activity is displayed in the order that it happened.

By default you’ll be shown activity you have not seen before, and activity you have already seen will be collapsed under a “Load previous” button. If you want to go to the start of the activity you can click “Beginning”. To jump to the first ‘new-to-you’ activity, click “Unread”, and you can jump to the most recent activity by selecting “Latest”.

Unread activity

When activity items are displayed on your screen, Loomio will mark them as having been read. Unread content is displayed with a highlight down the left side and threads with unread content display bold within thread lists.