Group data export

How to export your group data.

A simple way to export all of your group's data. You can export it to a CSV, HTML, or JSON file.


Open the Settings tab on the group page and select Export Group Data.

Export group data as CSV

For working with the group data in a spreadsheet, such as with MS Excel or Google Sheets.

You'll be prompted to choose a destination on your computer for the CSV file.

Export group data as HTML

For when you want to save the data for archival purposes.

This will open the HTML file in another tab in your browser. If you want to save the file, right-click anywhere on the page and click "Save as".

Export group data as JSON

For when you want to move your group data to a self-hosted Loomio instance.

You'll shortly receive an email with a link to downloading the JSON file.


If you are hosting your own Loomio deployment, and would like to import your exported data:

Copy the .json file to the container instance's import folder:

scp your-group-data.json

Access the running Rails console:

docker exec -ti loomio-app rails console

Call the service: