Getting Started with Loomio

All you need to get your group going in six quick lessons. See what's new in Loomio 2.0 (and turn it on or off) at

1. What is Loomio?

An overview of Loomio and how it works.

2. Starting a group

Create your Loomio group and ensure everyone is ready to participate.

3. Having discussions

Tips for inclusive and effective discussions on Loomio.

4. Making decisions

Use Loomio's decision tools to move discussion to clear outcomes.

5. Email and User Settings

Set your basic profile and email notification preferences.

6. Activating your group

Start and hold conversations that get clear outcomes.


Questions people often ask when they're learning about Loomio.

For a video-tour of our getting started guide, there’s just a few more 2min. videos to cover all the basics.