Better coordination by connecting Loomio with other apps you use.

Slack integration

LoomioBot is publishes activity from your Loomio group into your Slack channel so people can participate directly from Slack.

Set up Slack integration

From your group page, click “Setup slack” and follow the prompts as shown in this video in order to connect the LoomioBot Slack integration to your Slack channel.

Remove Slack integration

If you want to change the channel that your Loomio slack integration is connected to, remove the integration as shown in this video:

…and then follow the prompts above in the Set up Slack integration.

Microsoft Teams

Find the “Microsoft teams” card in your group sidebar.

From Microsoft teams you need to add a new connector. See this page for help with that.

Hopefully from your time in the MS teams connector interface, you’ll have a Webhook URL that you can put into Loomio.

Enter the webhook URL and select which events you’d like to see mentioned within the microsoft teams interface.

You’ll receive a success message in Loomio as well as a message within Teams saying you’re connected.

Loomio is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies Inc., Microsoft Corporation, nor OneLogin.