1. What is Loomio?

An overview of Loomio and how it works.

Loomio makes is easy for groups of all shapes and sizes to collaborate and make decisions across time and space. Simple to use and easy to get started with, Loomio can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, supporting your group to be more effective in your decision-making and collaboration with our simple, online tool.

The big picture

To start using Loomio well, you just need to understand four main elements.

Group → Thread → Proposal → Outcome

Groups hold everything in one place for a specific set of people.

Discussion threads are where you go to discuss topics and make decisions, using tools such as the proposal – or other polls – which help you visualize where the group is at on a given proposal, question, or topic.

Finally, you'll use an outcome to share what's going to happen next so everyone has a clear understanding and there's a useful record.

At its most basic, Loomio is a forum with tools that help you facilitate conversations and decisions, helping you start and hold conversations that move to clear outcomes.

Next up

With the overview under your belt, it's time… → Start your group

About us

Loomio is a cooperative social enterprise based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Our mission is to empower anyone, anywhere to participate in decisions that affect their lives. Find out more.