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All the basics in under 15 minutes

We now have a powerful way to get your hands around everything you and your group needs to get started:

Watch our ‘Overview and How-tos’ series

These five short videos will support your group to quickly make progress with Loomio. In it you’ll learn to…

  • set up your group

  • have discussions (threads)

    • get people’s attention (mentions, replies, reactions)

    • invite guests and experts to your threads

  • make decisions (and facilitate conversations to clear outcomes)

  • navigate Loomio and

  • take advantage of your group’s settings (and notifications).

Prefer a longer format?

If you prefer an experience that includes a few more examples and a little more depth, watch our pre-recorded webinar. The ‘Overview and How-tos’ contain much of the same content but you’ll additionally learn…

  • Member management

  • How to invite people

  • A few tips and tricks for implementation

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