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Loomio 101 Webinar

Want to better understand how Loomio can support your group to work better together? Want to learn how to use it or how to introduce it to your group? We’re here to help.

This live webinar will teach you the basics of Loomio and support you and your group to quickly make progress with Loomio.

Groups tell us our trainings have quickly improved their ability to coordinate, communicate, or make decisions with Loomio; a recent participant shared it was “very, very helpful”.

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In this webinar we will cover a number of best practices and the basics, namely…

  • Groups and their privacy settings

  • How to set up your group

  • Discussion threads

    • Getting people’s attention (mentions, replies, reactions)

    • Inviting guests and experts to your threads

  • Decision tools

  • Navigating Loomio

  • Notification settings

  • Member management

  • How to best invite your group

  • Tips and tricks for implementation

We look forward to supporting you and your group. Click here to register.