6. Activating your group

Start and hold conversations that get clear outcomes.

Review and share the keys for anyone to get started – our Loomio Basics video series – to bring newcomers up to speed in about 15 minutes.

Step-by-step guides

To help you step forward towards achieving your purpose with less time and effort:

A simple ‘how to’ for groups to use consent process on and off Loomio, co-written by fellow decision-making experts RoundSky Solutions (also a co-op!).

Advice Process with Loomio

Learn to use advice process on and off Loomio to make faster, quality decisions.

Governance workflows

Processes and workflows for boards and committees, and ways to save on meetings.

Supercharging your meetings

Foundational lessons

To guide you if your team needs more clarity, a reboot, or some strong examples:

Four keys to high-performing groups

How successful groups collaborate to achieve great outcomes.

9 ways to use a proposal

Proposals are a flexible tool to turn conversations into action; learn how.

Have more questions on how to take the next step in your collaboration journey? Not sure how to best get the value out of moving some discussion or decisions online? Get in touch.