User Manual

Get an overview of what Loomio is, master every feature, & troubleshoot.


What Loomio is, and how it works.


Questions people often ask when they're learning about Loomio.

Your account

Signing in and configuring your Loomio user account.

Sign into Loomio - Creating an Account, signing in, and troubleshooting.

Your Profile - Configuring your online appearance and profile in Loomio.

Notifications - How to configure your email notification settings.

Navigating Loomio - How to find what you're looking for in Loomio.

Merging your accounts - How to merge two accounts together


A detailed look at group settings and membership.

Managing members - How to invite people and manage memberships.

Admin and Settings - Permissions and advanced group settings.

Subgroups - Subgroups help you organize in teams.

Integrations - Better coordination by connecting Loomio with other apps you use.

File management - How Loomio organizes your files.

Group data export - How to export your group data.

Deleting your group - How to deactivate and erase all your group's data.

Discussion threads

A detailed guide to the features of discussion threads.

Starting threads - Get a discussion or decision going.

Notifying people - Catalyze interactions.

Engaging with threads - Comments and tools such as thread translation and thread emails.

Navigating in threads - Find what you need, when you need it, in a thread.

Thread administration & Tracking engagement - Manage your threads and the information therein.

Proposals & Polls

Ways to get input and visualize how your group feels about something.

Using proposals or polls - Basics, tips, and tricks for writing and using decision tools.

Outcomes - Record your decisions and share what's next by setting outcomes.

Types of polls and proposals - You can use several kinds of polls or proposals to get group outcomes.

Privacy and Security Information