Loomio User Manual

Learn how Loomio works and how to use it effectively in your group.

Getting Started with Loomio

All you need to get your group going in six quick lessons.

1. What is Loomio? - An overview of Loomio and how it works.

2. Starting a group - Create your Loomio group and ensure everyone is ready to participate.

3. Having discussions - Tips for inclusive and effective discussions on Loomio.

4. Proposals and polls - Use Loomio's facilitation tools to move towards clear outcomes.

5. Email and User settings - Set your basic profile and email notification preferences.

6. Activating your group - Start and hold conversations that get clear outcomes.

Webinars and Trainings - Learn to use Loomio with a friendly expert.

Troubleshooting - Questions people often ask when they're learning about Loomio.

What's new in Loomio 2.0

Allow us to walk you through the biggest improvements.

Using Loomio

Signing in and configuring your Loomio user account.

Sign into Loomio - Creating an Account, signing in, and troubleshooting.

Your Profile - Configuring your online appearance and profile in Loomio.

Notifications - How to configure your email notification settings.

Navigating Loomio - How to find what you're looking for in Loomio.


A detailed look at group settings and membership.

Managing members - How to invite people and manage memberships.

Admin and Settings - Permissions and advanced group settings.

Subgroups - Subgroups help you organize in teams.

Integrations - Better coordination by connecting Loomio with other apps you use.

File management - How Loomio organizes your files.

Group data export - How to export your group data.

Deleting and archiving - How to deactivate your group.

Discussion threads

A detailed guide to the features of discussion threads.

Starting threads - Get a discussion or decision going.

Notifying people - Catalyse interactions.

Navigating threads - Find what you need, when you need it.

Engaging with threads - Comments and tools such as thread translation and thread emails.

Thread administration - Manage your threads and the information therein.

Proposals & Polls

Ways to get input and visualize how your group feels about something.

Using proposals or polls - Basics, tips, and tricks for writing and using decision tools.

Outcomes - Record your decisions and share what's next by setting outcomes.

Types of facilitation tools - You can use several kinds of polls or proposals to get group outcomes.

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