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“Loomio has led to better decisions, higher engagement, fewer meetings, and faster implementation.”
– James Bloemendal, Ian Martin Group, Canada

“Decisions that would take a month now take days.”
– Kirsten Ruffoni, mondora, Italy.
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“We run our entire loan assessment process through Loomio, saving many hours we would otherwise need to spend in meetings.”
– Paul Martin, Director, The Low Carbon Society, United Kingdom.
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“Loomio saves us thousands of pounds every year!”
– Austen Cordasco, Director, Co-operative Assistance Network Limited, UK.
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“Using Loomio helped our group be much more communicative in between in-person meetings.”
– Mark Simmonds, Co-operative Development Forum, UK.

“Loomio creates a space for people to practice democratic decision-making on things that are both high and low stakes.”
– Matt Cropp, Full Barrel Co-op and Vermont Solidarity Investing Club.
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“Without Loomio we at EDA would be buried in a maze of emails. It’s taken us from organizational chaos to a system of clear and easy communication… Without something like Loomio we could never have [completed our charter].”
– Jacelyn Eckman, Economic Democracy Advocates, USA.
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“Loomio works for us, not the other way around.”
– Amanda Elder, SellerEngine, USA

“We make faster decisions with less meetings, giving us an edge.”
– James Carlin, 3SG, UK.
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“I save $100s not having to round people up.“
– Cheyenne O’Brien, Free Cuppa for the Driver, Australia

“We gained quality feedback, participants had time to hear other points of view and consider theirs.“
– Charmaine Thompson, NZEI Te Riu Roa (early childhood and primary education union), NZ

“Loomio enables people whose voices were normally not heard to exercise their voices more effectively.“
– Rory Ridley-Duff, Fairshares Association, UK.
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“We can’t possibly make decisions with only a small group. We need diverse input from many people around the world, that Loomio enables.”
– Anne-Marie Brooke, Human Rights Measurement Initiative, Global.
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“Loomio bundles all of the functionalities we need for communication, engagement and decision-making into a single place.”
– Matt Cropp, Full Barrel Co-op and Vermont Solidarity Investing Club.
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