Subscription pricing

How we price Loomio to make it available to everyone.


Loomio exists to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

As a social enterprise and worker cooperative, our values are reflected in both the design of the software and how we operate as a business.

We do not monetize your data or attention. We will never sell your data or use it for advertising purposes. You are free to export your data at any time.

Inclusive pricing model

Our goal is to provide Loomio to as many people as possible, while also developing the Loomio platform so it can better serve you.

To sustainably work towards our vision, we have structured our pricing based on the type of organization we serve.

We aim to offer a competitive price for enterprise organizations, an affordable price for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and special rates for community groups.

Loomio is open source software, and you are free to set up your own instance of Loomio.

Active use subscription plan

Simple, transparent pricing automatically adjusts to your changing needs.

A Loomio subscription is one price per group, calculated according to the total number of unique active users per month in your group and any subgroups.

Active users are people who start threads or polls, or comment or vote in your group.

Any users who visit the group, read content or leave reactions are not charged for.

This means you can invite everyone in your organization into your group, and will only be charged for those who are active.

How Active pricing works

At time of upgrade to an Active plan, you will be charged for the number of active users in your group. The minimum price for the plan is charged if there are 10 or less active users.

For monthly Active plans

Loomio charges for the number of active users in the previous month.

Example: At time of upgrade, Mary has 10 active users in her group, and pays $30 for the first month subscription.

At the next monthly billing renewal date, Loomio detects 15 active users over the period, so Mary’s account is charged 15 active users x $3.00 = $45.00.

In the following month, Loomio detects 12 active users, so at the next monthly renewal date is charged 12 active users x $3.00 = $36.00.

For annual Active plans

Loomio updates the number of active users in your subscription once per month.

If there is an increase in active users, the additional active users are charged a pro-rated amount for the year and this is charged immediately.

If there is a decrease in active users, the decreased number of active users is credited to your subscription.

Example: At time of upgrade, Mary has 10 active users in her group, and pays $300 for an annual subscription.

At the beginning of the second month, Loomio detects 15 active users in Mary’s group. A charge for the new active users is calculated as 5 new active users x $30.00 x 1112 = $137.50.

At the beginning of the third month, Loomio detects 10 active users - a decrease of 5 active users), so a credit is applied to Mary’s subscription account. The credit is calculated as 5 active users x $30.00 x 1012 = $125.00. Subscription account credit is used before future charges are made.

In all cases, the minimum subscription payment of 10 active users applies.

Free trial

All new groups start on a free trial, so you can evaluate Loomio with your group.

Free trials are for 14 days, limited to 20 people and 20 threads.

Contact us if you need to extend your trial.

At the end of the trial period you will be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

Active plan

Loomio Active plan will suit most people getting started, and will grow as you engage more people.

Price: $30.00 per month.

Active plan includes: - 10 active users - Unlimited threads and decisions - Unlimited subgroups - Integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams - Single Sign On (SAML) - Additional active users at $US 3.00 per person per month.

Annual payment: $US 300.00 per year, additional active users at $US 30.00 per year.

Loomio subscriptions are on a pre-pay basis and cover the use of the service for the selected subscription period.

Enterprise pricing

Contact us to discuss pricing for: - Private host - White label - Custom domain name - Custom data center - Very large groups - Training packages & webinars - Priority support

Nonprofit Active plan discount

If your organization is a non-profit, non-government, educational institution or cooperative, it qualifies for a 33% discount.

Use coupon code NPAP3333 when setting up your subscription.

Nonprofit Active plan price: $20.00 per month for the first 10 active users.

Additional active users at $US 2.00 per person per month.

Annual payment: $US 200.00 per year, additional active users at $US 20.00 per year.

Nonprofit discounts are not available for government organizations or agencies.

Community Active plan

Community and volunteer groups are supported by members to achieve a purpose. They do not have full-time paid staff.

Price: $30.00 per year for the first 10 active users.

Additional active users at $US 3.00 per year.

These rates are only available as annual payments.

To access these special rates, apply for our Community active plan.

When you have completed the form, you may upgrade to the Community active plan immediately. You do not need to wait for a response from us. We will contact you if we need to query your application.