Subscription pricing

How we price Loomio to make it available to everyone.


Loomio exists to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

As a social enterprise and worker cooperative, our values are reflected in both the design of the software and how we operate as a business.

We do not monetize your data or attention. We will never sell your data or use it for advertising purposes. You are free to export your data at any time.

Inclusive pricing model

Our goal is to provide Loomio to as many people as possible, while also developing the Loomio platform so it can better serve you.

To sustainably work towards our vision, we have structured our pricing based on the type of organization we serve.

We aim to provide a competitive price for commercial customers, an affordable price for volunteer organizations (member/donor-funded), as well as a free plan for unfunded community groups.

Subscription plans

To keep it simple, a Loomio subscription is one price per group.

All plans come with the full range of features including:

  • Unlimited threads and decisions
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integration
  • 100 GB file storage
  • Subgroups and Tagging
  • Training webinar with a Loomio expert
  • Help desk – responsive support all year round
  • Data export as CSV and JSON

Free trial

All new groups start on a free trial, giving your group the opportunity to experience Loomio and see how it can support your needs.

Free trials are limited to 20 people and 10 threads. There is no time limit.

Contact us if you need a larger trial for any reason.


Small plans are limited to 50 people and are typically used by working groups, teams, governance boards, and small groups.


Medium plans are limited to 500 people and used by small to medium organizations, often collaborating in multiple subgroups and small networks. Many groups of this size also use Loomio for stakeholder engagement.


Large plans are used by large organizations and networks, and online stakeholder engagement.

Subscription pricing

Commercial and Government organizations

Business, government and other revenue-generating organizations.

Small Medium Large
up to 50 people up to 500 people more than 500
$49 /month $149 /month contact us
or $490 /year or $1490 /year

Funded non-profit organizations

Legally recognized nonprofit organizations, typically paying staff salaries. E.g. NGOs, school boards, and trustee boards, political parties and religious organizations.

As a nonprofit, you are eligible to receive a 35% discount on all plans. Enter coupon code NPLOOMIO at upgrade.

Volunteer and member supported organizations

Funds are provided by members or donations, no paid full-time staff or commercial income. E.g. Some activist organizations, co-housing groups, community groups, collectives, sports clubs, spiritual groups.

Small Medium Large
up to 50 people up to 500 people more than 500
$98 / year $149 / year contact us

These rates are only available as annual payments.

To access these special rates, apply to our Volunteer organization application form. At completion, you will receive the coupon codes for the plans.

Unfunded community groups

We provide Loomio for free to unfunded groups.

E.g. activists, hobby groups, classroom education, families and friends.

Unfunded community groups and organizations do not have any funds or bank account.

Please complete our Community application form to apply to use Loomio for Free.

We aim to approve applications within 48 hours.