Bespoke Implementation Packages & Pro

Get a tailored implementation experience with a dedicated Loomio expert – ensure key users are up to speed and you are set for success with Pro priority support.

What is Loomio Pro support?

With the purchase of a Loomio Pro plan you will receive a dedicated Loomio expert to interact with for any ongoing support you might need.

  1. When you upgrade, you will be invited to a one-hour implementation session on how to get the most out of Loomio. It’s for you, and the people you would like included, to become confident in using Loomio to meet your needs.
  2. Within the first 90 days, having the opportunity to put into practice the steps identified in the first call, you can schedule another time to follow up with your dedicated Loomio expert to refine your use of Loomio.

We’ll keep in contact with you with opportunities to see how Loomio could work better for you, and introduce new features. Pro plan customers enjoy priority support all year round, to answer questions, help onboard new users, and more.

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At any time, you can also choose to accelerate your journey towards more effective and efficient outcomes with your group with the following package:

‘Win with Loomio’ Bespoke Implementation Package

Tailored implementation and training to suit your organization’s needs. Our bespoke implementation package starts by understanding your unique group needs, the current tools and processes your group use, so as to implement Loomio in the most useful way.

We then agree to a schedule of 2 x 60 minute online sessions to give your users confidence and mastery in achieving success with Loomio.

As your experience with Loomio builds, 1-2 follow up sessions are scheduled within the next 90 days to lift your use of Loomio and get more out of your tool in your environment.

Those based in New Zealand and Australia are welcome to inquire about half or full day in-person workshops. These may incur an additional cost.

The standard package

Phase 1: Scoping. A half-hour session by teleconference (e.g. Zoom) to understand your organization needs in more detail, and map the ecosystem of digital and nondigital tools and processes you currently use to organize, communicate, record, & decide with your group.

Phase 2: Implementation and training workshops to build confidence to introduce Loomio to your group (2 x 60 minute online sessions).

  • The first session is typically for administrators and group coordinators to configure your Loomio group, set up first discussion threads, polls and proposals for initial engagement, and learn how to manage group members.
  • The second session can either be to assist you to introduce Loomio to your group users, or to dive deeper into Loomio features that can help administrators. The goal is for attendees to develop confidence and mastery in achieving outcomes with Loomio.

Phase 3: Follow up workshops (one or two 30 minute online sessions), typically scheduled within 90 days. Workshops typically include:

  • Review your experience of Loomio thus far, focusing on how well Loomio is integrating with your processes. Responding to questions arising and feedback from group members.
  • Adapting and further developing processes and refreshing use of Loomio features (or introducing newly developed features).
  • Mapping a path forwards.

Online workshops are usually recorded so a video is made available for your review and to share with people who couldn’t join the workshop.

Also available: In-person workshops for customers in New Zealand and Australia by arrangement. These will be at a location of your choosing and highly tailored to your needs. There may be additional costs with this package, especially for travel, and we’re keen to discuss with you a plan that makes the most sense for you.

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