Changes to free Loomio groups


Thanks for using Loomio! If you have found this page, it’s likely that your Loomio group is on one of our legacy free plans.

Changes to subscription plans

Since launching in 2012, we have helped more than 100,000 groups collaborate, engage with members and reach decisions together. We feel honored to have walked alongside many of you on this journey.

Our goal is to continue providing you with an excellent service, while also developing Loomio so it can work better for you. Our vision is to help organizations like yours work better collectively, now and into the future.

We have recently released Loomio 2.0 and hope you are enjoying this new experience. We are currently working on a Loomio mobile-app and hope to have this in your hands soon.

As you can imagine, there are real costs to hosting, supporting and developing Loomio software. So that we can continue development and support for Loomio, we have implemented new pricing plans.

As a social enterprise and worker cooperative – paid subscriptions are our lifeblood and help us sponsor community and volunteer groups with special rates.

What this means for you

Your group is currently on one of our legacy plans and we are asking you to upgrade to a paid subscription plan to ensure no disruption to your Loomio use.

Act now to avoid disruption to your service

You will still be able to access the content of expired free Loomio groups, however you will not be able to invite new people or start new threads.


If you have any questions about these changes at Loomio, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to hear how Loomio is working for you via email reply, or book a time for a call here.

More information is available in Subscription pricing.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope you’ll stay with us on this collaboration journey!

Warm regards,

Michael and the Loomio team