3. Proposals and polls

Use Loomio's facilitation tools to move towards clear outcomes.

Facilitation tools and decision tools are used within threads. Loomio does not make decisions for you; rather, the tool is designed to

  • clarify how the group feels or thinks about a topic, question or proposal
  • communicate what decision is being made
  • simplify and make it easy to participate
  • highlight agreement and surface disagreement
  • build shared understanding
  • and keep people informed of progress.

It’s up to each group to decide how to interpret the results. For instance, here’s the decision-making protocol for the Enspiral community. They have defined specific criteria for three different types of decision, e.g., how long the decision must be open for input, and what percentage of the group must participate to make a binding decision.

All Loomio decision tools follow a common pattern

If you need some support to move a conversation to a clear outcome, you might…

  1. Choose to use a poll or proposal (within a thread)
  2. Name it, describe the question or proposal it represents, and set its duration
  3. Notify group members (typically all, but you may select none or specific…)
  4. Group members participate and share a tweet-length message with their selection
  5. They can change their minds as understanding develops; live results are available
  6. A reminder is sent out the day before closing
  7. The poll closes, and everyone can see the results
  8. The author sets an outcome, notifying everyone of what will happen next.

A range of tools

Loomio provides a variety of polls and proposals to support your group’s decision making. Read about them and learn more here.

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