Adopting Loomio & Onboarding Resources

Get everyone on board and get your group's first outcome on Loomio.

Onboarding resources

A helping hand (with a human face)

No one wants to spin their wheels, and sometimes its important to get it right the first time. Don’t worry, we’ve done this before. We offer a streamlined experience of getting started delivered by Loomio experts:

Ask about our bespoke, guided onboarding.

Loomio Basics video series

Review and share key lessons from the Getting Started guide to bring newcomers up to speed in as little as 15 minutes with these videos.

Adopting Loomio

Top tips & tricks for adoption:

  • Agree on the scope, and trial it

  • How are we going to use Loomio? (eg, discussion, decisions, input, or just reporting?)

  • What shall we first use Loomio for, and when will we evaluate success?

  • Start small, routine tasks (eg, approve minutes) can be a great start

  • Raise the stakes, move the action: want to participate? Join Loomio

  • Recall why, remind the group you’ve agreed to use Loomio, and why

  • Conversation by e-mail? Copy & paste discussion back into Loomio

  • Deciding in person? Invite the group to move the decision online

Foundational lessons

Four keys to high-performing groups

How successful groups collaborate to achieve great outcomes.

For all else

If your questions aren’t covered in our User Manual or these guides, then contact us.