Loomio dev roadmap 2019

Our roadmap is guided by the customer research and direction decisions we’ve made in the last quarter of 2018.

The timeframes here are estimates, not promises.

2019-01 Add Microsoft Teams support

  • drop interactive chat commands for now. IE: no /loomio poll commands
  • subscribe any chat channel to a group’s activity
  • ability to edit which events are published to the team via config modal
  • Follow up with Facebook and Telegram integrations shortly after this

2019-02 loomio.eu (beta) launch

  • we often get customers asking for hosting based in EU
  • similar to loomio.org, but based on EU hosted servers
  • private beta period, customers who request are invited to the service

2019-02 Launch new marketing website

  • targeting Governance, Organization, Engagement
  • free trial is limited to 5 threads
  • plans based around member size: 50, 500, 5000
  • also releasing new onboarding help: demo videos, help docs, webinars, welcome email

2019-03 Migration from AngularJS to Vue completed

  • Prepares us for mobile & desktop apps, improves performance and brings better ecosystem of libraries and developers.
  • Work began in 2018.
  • Big job, converting all frontend components from AngularJS to Vue2 and replacing angular-material with vuetify.
  • adopt WYSIWYG text editor tiptap including support for mentions, file attachments
  • No other significant changes to the UI/UX

2019-03 Outcome renamed to Decision.

  • Enable ‘decision’ in a thread without a poll
  • Group page gets tabs across top: Threads, Polls, Decisions, Documents, Members

2019-04 Single column thread page

  • Display polls/proposals within the main column rather than on the right.
  • Introduce “timeline view” for navigation of thread. This replaces “previous decisions” (on desktop timeline is rightbar, on mobile it’s a dropdown.)
  • Move new poll, decision stuff into add comment card at bottom of thread. comment proposal poll decision
  • title bar changes to thread title on scroll.
  • default to chronological view but admins can change that per thread.

2019-04 Poll and thread templates

Proposal, Poll, Check, etc are all ‘polls’ with different settings. We’re going to enable users to create their own “process templates” and save them within their group. So you can define what process your group uses to make a decision and save it so anyone can hold a process for a particular decision or question.

Realtime Document editing, Improved document management and integration

rewritten UI will bring WYSIWYG including - ability to drag and drop images etc into comments, other text areas. - potential for realtime collaborative editing - rich formatting including lists, tables, checkboxes etc

So we’re considering implementing a wiki-like document editing experience, so each group has a editable set of pages which you can collaborate upon within Loomio.

Also expect: improved group attachments page, simplifying and improving the search and integration of attachments (PDF’s, google docs, etc)

2019-06 wall/feed view of dashboard, group pages

  • view multiple threads on the same page, for mobile reading, better nav experience
  • change current index views to be single line with columns

2019-06 Mobile, desktop app releases

  • using container tech to wrap the webapp in native feel app
  • push notifications
  • app based UX - eg: button on homescreen, download from app store
  • support refresh on reconnect

2019-06 improved membership management and group organization

  • parent group becomes “organization”, it does not have threads, just groups.
  • subgroups become groups, parent group renamed to “general”. org admins can admin any group within the org.
  • starting a new group means choosing an existing org.
  • org page that shows recent activity from all groups. (see basecamp)
  • single membership page/directory for a whole org
  • we base your org handle on your work email address
  • when signing up we ask for the name of your organization, then the group within it. eg: board or parents etc
  • username is per org, so you can use common names like @michael.
  • no more parent/subgroup headaches.
  • organization has handle, usually based on its official domain name
  • automatically join your org when you use your work email.

2019-06 Integrations page

  • list all the integrations and services your group uses, eg trello, zoom, google drive. and loomio will provide helpful integrations with those services including url redirects